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              卓動科技 卓動科技

              JODO Story

              The heart of excellence-touching things

              JODO is always grateful to be with you

              No company's success depends solely on one person. Thanks to our team, let us support each other, learn, and grow together on the road to running for our dreams.

              • 楊世挺 Max


              • 張穗文 Treeman


              • 林秋明 Kim


              • 張相睿 Luke

                Partner-Director-Party Branch Secretary

              JODO Honor

              Every growth and transformation of JODO is inseparable from every JODO staff who must achieve their mission

              JODO's History and Innovation


              Outstanding product exhibition in September 2015


              In August 2017, it won the Best Game Award of Ali Game Ecology Party.


              Identified as a technologically advanced service company in 2019
              In January 2019, the self-developed & published game "Idle Cook" was recommended by Apple's Editor’s Choice

              year 2013

              JODO was formally established in September 2013


              Without any financing plan, JODO grew and developed with its own profits. It got a pretty .commendable result in August 2016.


              In January 2018, the first self-developed & published mobile game Super Hospital was launched.


              In 2019, it was appraised as a key cultivation enterprise of service trade in Guangzhou
              Established Superera, a casual game publishing brand, in May 2019, expanding hundreds of global casual game developers

              In 2020, explore diversified business...